Friday, November 25, 2011

My Christmas To-Do List

As we quickly approach the end of November, my Christmas to-do list keeps growing.
Here is what I have right now:

Christmas baking – I have so many great memories growing up and helping my Mom do some Christmas baking – I also have memories of sneaking into the freezer and eating frozen Christmas cookies – how can I not want that for my kids too?
My Christmas baking deserves its own post – I will do that in a few days.

Christmas shopping – So far I have managed to buy a lot of great stocking stuffers for the kids – Michael’s is awesome by the way.  They have lots of inexpensive things for kids – weather it be a small colouring book, markers with Princesses or Car’s characters on it, they even have socks – Spider Man and Cinderella – you can’t go wrong!

Last year - right after Santa stopped by.
But actual presents – nothing so far – right now Little Boy is asking for a cement truck – he wants one that actually spins etc.  But do you know how hard this is to find?  I have started looking – because another thing on our list is Letter’s to Santa – I want to know I can find the item my kids are asking for before we write to Santa and then he doesn’t deliver.  If anyone has a line on a good cement truck - please let me know!

Family photos – a lot of people I know go to a studio, or meet up with a professional photographer in the fall and do their family photos – I guess I am too cheap – usually we just ask a family member to come over and take a picture of us in front of our Christmas tree.


 2009 is missing - I did not get organized in time so we jsut send a picture of the kids that our day home lady took - and of course right now I can't find a digital copy of it.

Christmas decorations – although we used to put up all our decorations on the first weekend of December, we have no switched it to the last weekend in November.  We always seem to have Christmas parties early December, so it is nice to have everything up before that happens – so tree and decorations are all going up this weekend.

This is our tree last year.
What about you?  How is your Christmas to-do list shaping up? 

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  1. I have so, so, so much to do. I've bought two presents. I'm planning on putting up the Christmas tree this weekend so at least that will be one thing done.