Monday, November 14, 2011

Garden Recap - Tomatoes

Since I decided to plant a garden in April, I did not have time to plant my tomatoes from seed – so I purchased all of them from a local garden centre.
I bought 3 cherry tomato plants, 4 Roma tomato plants, and 4 Grape tomato plants.

The Cherry tomatoes were pretty big when I got them (one already had a few small tomatoes and all of them had flowers already) they went in the ground in early May – and we got our first ripe tomato by late June.  We continued getting fruit all summer and I ripened the remainder inside after I pulled the plants Thanksgiving weekend.

Romas – these I also got at a larger size – but when they went in the ground mid-late May – they had not started to flower yet.  I noticed that these took much longer to go from flower to fruit than the cherry and grape tomatoes.
We were able to harvest our first ripe tomato in mid-September, but I ended up having to harvest the remainder of the tomatoes and ripen them in the basement (which we are still enjoying).  I got over 20 tomatoes from each of the 4 plants.

Grape Tomatoes – these I bought quite a bit smaller than the other 2 varieties.  I decided because of a lack of garden space – these were going to be potted on my deck. 
They did fantastic.  We had tons of fruit and they were sweeter than the cherry tomatoes.
I would defiantly plant these again next year.

Changes for next year: I plan on trying to plant my tomatoes from seed inside this winter - we will see how that goes.

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