Sunday, November 13, 2011

Garden Recap

Even though this is super late – it is more about me recording my thoughts about my garden this past year to help me figure out what I will do differently next year.

Overall I would have to say I had a fantastic first year at the garden.
We had more successes than failures.
-         Tomatoes – these deserve a post unto their own – but I had 11 plants total and all did fantastic
-         Peas – not only did we get a lot of great peas to eat – they kept coming, I eventually pulled the plants out in mid-September and there were still flowers.
-         Carrots – 2 different types, and although they were a little on the small and slower side – we had many yummy carrots and so did my co-workers.
-         Yellow Onions – these too were on the smaller side – but we still harvested them and enjoyed thoroughly.
-         Strawberries – we harvested strawberries right up until they froze – however the kids got most of the benefits.
-         Green Beans – my plants were incredibly small, but the beans they produced were normal size – but since the plant was so small we did not get the yield I was hoping for.

-         Beets – I have no idea why these did not really grow, but the largest beet I got was only the size of a golf ball.
-         Green Onions – again these did not grow big enough to harvest.
-         Spinach - my spinach grew very small leave and bolted before the leaves were bigger than a toonie.  I have no idea why.

Plans for next year:
This is something I will be working on this winter – post Christmas.
I plan on doing a lot of the same things, but making some changes to the foods the kids gravitate towards – I think cucumbers are on the list for next year.

What about you?  Did you plant a garden or even a pot of tomatoes this year?  Will you do the same next year?  Or make some changes?

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